Friday, June 13, 2008

HANDsome Vase

I got this idea off of a Duncan website-
It was so fun, I've decided to do it with my summer camp kids this year. I think I'll have them trace Mom or Dad's hand along with their own hand to make a fun pair of hand vases.

It's a little tough to spot, but I also put a "ring" on the finger that's big enough to run a flower stem through.

You just trace a hand onto a slab, stand it up and curve it, make a front and a base. Another change I might make is that the base might be more stable if it were bigger- this vase sits okay, but a narrower one might topple.
I'll post photos of muddybuddy pots when I get them- the only fear I have at this point is fragile fingers. Wish us luck!

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